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Bereavement Catering

When an unexpected illness or passing occurs, families often find they do not have the time to prepare meals when there are more pressing matters to be handled. Bereavement catering can help ease the burden during these trying times. Traditionally, following a Celebration of Life Service, family and friends are invited to a home or social hall to express their condolences and celebrate the life of their loved one. The once common practice of friends bringing a covered dish to the post-service reception is no longer guaranteed and therefore the family must either prepare or make arrangements for the food to accommodate family members and friends or request condolence food from a company who does Funeral or Bereavement Catering.

Bereavement Delivery Catering

Bereavement Catering

Allow your FRIENDS to serve you and your loved

ones during this time of bereavement. Having a

high quality, home cooked meal will bring some 

sense of peace and comfort. Select a meal from our menu and order online or call our team to get your order placed. 

Bereavement Catering Menu


Your family and friends have gathered in support of your loved one - indulge in our hassle free bereavement catering services. Inquiry about our mobile bartending services as well. 


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