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The goal is to establish an avenue for millennials to make valuable connections and bridge the gap between young and seasoned professionals - while making a generous charitable contribution to a local non-profit organization


Specially curated brunch spread, featuring signature favorites from FRIENDS Upscale. 





We connect with social media influencers and young professionals with upward growth potential - and leading veterans in their fields. Let's connect and elevate!


Local organizations are the cornerstone of a city - we are devoted to giving back to our community!

Sponsorship Opportunities

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We are primarily focused on creating intentional opportunities for young professionals to make valuable connections through our integrated merger of social and professional stimuli. Get your business and brand noticed!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Join the UPSCALE Team

We can't function without you! If you are interested in being a vital part of the success of this event, see which area works for you! Make connections and earn a coin! 

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